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250 CDI

Mercedes 250 CDI Remapping

250 CDI Remapping

Mercedes 250 CDI Remapping, GAD Tuning ltd can offer a fully Bespoke ECU remapping service for your 250 CDI. The 250 CDI is Mercedes first 4 cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine producing over 200 BHP! This makes for a fast and economical vehicle to run around in. The other beauty about the 250 CDI is that it does not run the latest Bosch EDC17 ATP (Anti-tuning Protection) ECU’s, it runs Delphi management which we have full lines of communication to the 250 CDI via the OBD port with out having to remove the ECU.

The Mercedes 250 CDI engine is extremely “tuner friendly” and the gains we can extra from the standard vehicle is incredible! The 250 CDI has a standard power output of 204 BHP and 500 NM of torque in which through our bespoke ECU remapping software we can get them to 280 BHP and 625 NM of torque! That’s an increase of 75 BHP and 125 NM of torque extra from a standard 250 CDI.

We can also offer GAD DPF removal technology we can also give you massive savings on fuel by removing the massive restriction in the exhaust system giving you both an increase in power, torque and MPG over the standard vehicle. The 250 CDI with our DPF removal software and EGR delete can give you as much as 8 MPG extra over the standard vehicle and eliminate the risk of the DPF and EGR emissions control system failing in the future on your 250 CDI.


Models supported:

C250 CDI, E250 CDI, GLK250 CDI and the SLK250 CDI


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250 CDI Remapping