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420 CDI

Mercedes 420 CDI Remapping

420 CDI remapping

The Mercedes 420 CDI, GAD Tuning ltd can offer bespoke ECU remapping software for the 420 CDI engine and Bosch management system giving us the power to make your vehicle behave exactly how you would like it too.

The gains from the 420 CDI are incredible! We can offer our software for the E420 CDI, G420 CDI, GL420 CDI, ML420 CDI and the S420 CDI as they share the same engine and engine management. The 420 CDI is a 4.0 Litre twin turbo V8 diesel giving any vehicle this engine is in massive amounts of torque and pulling power. We can however increase the power output further for your 420 CDI for many reasons, some of our customers use they ML420 CDI or GL420 CDI for towing trailers or horse boxes so having a higher power and torque output means the vehicle and engine are far less laboured pulling away.

The 420 CDI starts life with 302 BHP and 700 NM of torque which is by no means under powered however the engine is so de-tuned out of the factory  through our bespoke ECU remapping we can offer you an upgrade for your vehicle which we give you an extra 90 BHP and 200 NM of torque over the standard software which will take your 0-62 from 7.8 seconds to 6.5 seconds while still maintaining current MPG.

We can offer custom stainless steel straight through exhaust systems for the 420 CDI give an awesome sound track from the V8 diesel but couple with DPF removal, EGR delete and Power tuning an awesome amount of grunt ad will put the smile back on your face and improve drivability.

Our economy mapping coupled with our GAD DPF removal technology can provide you with the best of both worlds! Giving a greater power and torque output and an increase of MPG over the standard vehicle. The 420 CDI comes out of the factory with two DPF filters which are a massive exhaust restriction and will malfunction over the course of the vehicles life. DPF removal and EGR delete coupled with economy mapping not only will you see an increase of around 40 BHP and 100 NM of torque but turbo operating temperatures will also drop by around 300 Degrees C improving the life span of the component.



Models Supported:

E420 CDI, G420 CDI, GL420 CDI, ML420 CDI and S420 CDI


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420 CDI remapping